After the death of the young 15 year old Greek boy, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, in Athens in 2008 there was a police cover-up resulting in widespread civil unrest and rioting.  Later 2 special police officers were found guilty of his unlawful killing.


A film dramatising the final days of Colonel Gadaffi, the Lybian revolutionary, politician and political theorist, who was captured and killed on 20 October 2011 during the Battle of Sirte. Gaddafi was found hiding in a culvert west of Sirte and captured by National Transitional Council forces. He was killed shortly afterwards. The NTC initially claimed he died from injuries sustained in a firefight when loyalist forces attempted to free him, although videos of his last moments show rebel fighters beating him and one of them sodomizing him with a bayonet before he was shot several times as he shouted for his life.

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